Submissions from 2018

Maximizing Spectral Radius and Number of Spanning Trees in Bipartite Graphs, Ravindra B. Bapat

Transaction costs in irrigation management in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, Ram Chandra Bhattarai, Pranab Mukhopadhyay, and E. Somanathan

Women empowerment in India, Chaiti Sharma Biswas

Measuring women empowerment in the household sector: A generalized index and an application to Indian households, Subhendu Chakrabarti

Multidimensional poverty and material deprivation: Theoretical approaches, Satya R. Chakravarty and Nachiketa Chattopadhyay

State estimation and anomaly detection in wireless sensor networks, Aditi Chatterjee and Kiranmoy Das

The problem of oblique scattering by a thin vertical submerged plate in deep water revisited, B. C. Das, S. De, and B. N. Mandal

Getting the identical infinitives filter in Bangla under control, Probal Dasgupta

Mathematical morphology in geosciences and GISci: An illustrative review, Sagar B.S. Daya

A Unified Framework for a Class of Mathematical Programming Problems, Dipti Dubey and S. K. Neogy

An image dataset of bishnupur terracotta temples for digital heritage research, Mrinmoy Ghorai, Sanchayan Santra, Soumitra Samanta, Pulak Purkait, and Bhabatosh Chanda

Access to finance, entrepreneurship, and empowerment: A case study, Sudipto Ghosh and Chiranjib Neogi

Regressions involving circular variables: An overview, Sungsu Kim and Ashis SenGupta

Characteristics of the drainage network of the Kosi Megafan, India and its interaction with the August 2008 flood flow, D. Majumder and P. Ghosh

Module-based knowledge discovery for multiple-cytosine-variant methylation profile, Saurav Mallik and Ujjwal Maulik

Handwritten mathematical expressions, Harold Mouchère, Christian Viard-Gaudin, Richard Zanibi, and Utpal Garain

A note on burgess bound, Ritabrata Munshi

Comparison of two methods based on daubechies scale functions and legendre multiwavelets for approximate solution of Cauchy-type singular integral equation on ℝ, Swaraj Paul and B. N. Mandal

A patch-based constrained inpainting for damaged mural images, Pulak Purkait, Mrinmoy Ghorai, Soumitra Samanta, and Bhabatosh Chanda

On Martingale Chaoses, B. Rajeev

Multiple object tracking by scale space representation of objects, method of linear assignment, and kalman filter, Kumar S. Ray, Soma Ghosh, Kingshuk Chatterjee, and Debayan Ganguly

Producing better disaster management plan in post-disaster situation using social media mining, Sounak Sadhukhan, Soumya Banerjee, Prasun Das, and Arun Kumar Sangaiah

Detecting a fake coin of a known type, Jyotirmoy Sarkar and Bikas K. Sinha

Tools, databases, and applications of immunoinformatics, Namrata Tomar and Rajat K. De