Turbulence in wall-wake flow downstream of an isolated dunal bedform

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Water (Switzerland)


This study examines the turbulence in wall-wake flow downstream of an isolated dunal bedform. The streamwise flow velocity and Reynolds shear stress profiles at the upstream and various streamwise distances downstream of the dune were obtained. The results reveal that in the wall-wake flow, the third-order moments change their signs below the dune crest, whereas their signs remain unaltered above the crest. The near-wake flow is featured by sweep events, whereas the far-wake flow is controlled by the ejection events. Downstream of the dune, the turbulent kinetic energy production and dissipation rates, in the near-bed flow zone, are positive. However, they reduce as the vertical distance increases up to the lower-half of the dune height and beyond that, they increase with an increase in vertical distance, attaining their peaks at the crest. The turbulent kinetic energy diffusion and pressure energy diffusion rates, in the near-bed flow zone, are negative, whereas they attain their positive peaks at the crest. The anisotropy invariant maps indicate that the data plots in the wall-wake flow form a looping trend. Below the crest, the turbulence has an affinity to a two-dimensional isotropy, whereas above the crest, the anisotropy tends to reduce to a quasi-three-dimensional isotropy.



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