Bedload transport from analytical and turbulence phenomenological perspectives

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Research Article

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International Journal of Sediment Research


In this paper, we present the dynamics of bedload transport from two different perspectives. They are the analytical perspective and the turbulence phenomenological perspective. In bedload transport from the analytical perspective, we highlight the systematic advances in the analytical modelling of bedload transport over the decades. These advances are principally classified into three broad foundations, namely, the deterministic foundation, that includes the bed shear stress concept, stream power concept, force balance concept and bedform concept, and the probabilistic foundation and the turbulence phenomenological foundation of bedload transport. The bedload transport from the turbulence phenomenological perspective brings into focus the bedload-induced turbulence phenomenology, including the hydrodynamics of mobile-bed and water-worked bed flows. We also discuss the recent advances in the biofilm-coated bedload transport. Finally, conclusion is drawn, highlighting the major research challenges.

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