Cost-effective routing as a service in sensor-cloud

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Research Article

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International Journal of Sensor Networks


Sensor-cloud is a collaborative platform which allows multiple wireless sensor networks (WSN) to pull their resources together for better utilisation and efficiency. In this work, we consider a set of applications, each characterised by the set of targets it intends to cover and our aim is to provide routing as a service (RaaS) to all these applications in the sensor-cloud.We should be able to run data gathering for each application in parallel with the minimum use of sensor-cloud resources. This is achieved by creating a collection of data gathering trees. We have proposed an algorithm which selects a minimal set of sensors to cover the required targets and obtains a spanning forest connecting them so that, the total energy cost of all the trees in the forest is minimised. Experimental results demonstrate the advantages of serving the applications by a sensor-cloud over standalone WSNs in terms of the usage of resources.

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