Foreground Segmentation Using Adaptive 3 Phase Background Model

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Research Article

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IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems


An extensive collection of algorithms have been proposed over the years to identify the foreground from a video scene, but none of them considers the classification history of previous frames for discovering moving objects. All the existing algorithms focus on a single background model to cope with all types of challenging and complex video environments. In this paper, a real-time pixel level classification method is proposed that uses its previous output history to update its parameters. The model has three components designed to handle various types of challenging background environments. For each pixel, three sub-parts, namely the Adaptive Background Model, the Neighborhood Background Model, and the Change Detection Background Model are constructed to detect various types of complex background changes. A pixel level model updating method uses the previous foreground/background binary classification results to periodically refresh all the three background models. This update method helps to recognize the foreground accurately by adjusting the algorithmic parameters to efficiently detect complex background changes. This novel method shows a significant improvement in performance for a variety of complex video scenes.

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