The P-DESTRE: A Fully Annotated Dataset for Pedestrian Detection, Tracking, and Short/Long-Term Re-Identification from Aerial Devices

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Research Article

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IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security


Over the years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been regarded as a potential solution to surveil public spaces, providing a cheap way for data collection, while covering large and difficult-to-reach areas. This kind of solutions can be particularly useful to detect, track and identify subjects of interest in crowds, for security/safety purposes. In this context, various datasets are publicly available, yet most of them are only suitable for evaluating detection, tracking and short-term re-identification techniques. This paper announces the free availability of the P-DESTRE dataset, the first of its kind to provide video/UAV-based data for pedestrian long-term re-identification research, with ID annotations consistent across data collected in different days. As a secondary contribution, we provide the results attained by the state-of-the-art pedestrian detection, tracking, short/long term re-identification techniques in well-known surveillance datasets, used as baselines for the corresponding effectiveness observed in the P-DESTRE data. This comparison highlights the discriminating characteristics of P-DESTRE with respect to similar sets. Finally, we identify the most problematic data degradation factors and co-variates for UAV-based automated data analysis, which should be considered in subsequent technologic/conceptual advances in this field. The dataset and the full specification of the empirical evaluation carried out are freely available at http://p-destre.di.ubi.pt/.

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