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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Quantitative Economics


Economics and Planning Unit (EPU-Delhi)


Sen, Arunava (EPU-Delhi; ISI)

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This thesis comprises four essays on social choice theory. The first three essays/chapters consider models where voters follow “non-standard” rules for decision making. The last chapter considers the binary social choice model and analyzes the consequences of a new axiom. The first chapter introduces a new axiom for manipulability when voters incur a cost if they misreport their true preference ordering. The second chapter considers the random voting model with strategic voters where standard stochastic dominance strategy-proofness is replaced by strategy-proofness under two lexicographic criteria. The third chapter also considers the random voting model but from a non-strategic perspective. It introduces a new “robustness to small mistakes” by voters. The last chapter provides a characterization of the status quo rule.


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