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Digital Library and Open Access Initiatives: Responses, Strategies and Emerging Trends


There is a growing interest among academic institutions in collecting, preserving, and creating value-added services from digital content produced in teaching and research. Institutional repositories” is a new concept for collecting, managing, disseminating, and preserving scholarly works created in digital form by faculty and students in individual universities and colleges. It is born out of problems with the current scholarly communication model structured by commercial journal publishers and vendors. To properly implement these repositories, libraries will need to recruit librarians who possess digital collection management and Open Archive Information System (OAIS) management skills. In addition, training faculty and students to use OAIS, helping them to prepare their digital products, involving them in institution-wide policymaking, and setting repository goals would be some of the new tasks that libraries will face. The first part of the paper describes the basic aspects of Institutional Repositories, its genesis, its worldwide developments, and information the infrastructure required for creating Institutional Repositories (IRs).The second part highlights the initiatives taken by Indian Universities and Institutions of higher learning and national importance for establishing IRs. Some aspects of policy decisions, initiatives of library and information professionals, their proper training for handling these projects and awareness of creating IRs among the faculty and students have also been focused in brief.

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