A user authentication system for an electronic device for use with a plurality of wireless wearable medical sensors (WMSs) and a wireless base station that receives a biomedi cal data stream (biostream ) from each WMS. The system includes a BioAura engine located on a server, the serverhas a wireless transmitter/receiver with receive buffers that store theplurality of biostreams, the BioAura enginehas a look up stage and a classifier, the classifier generates an authentica tion output based on theplurality of biostreams, the authen tication output authenticates the user's access to the elec tronic device. The wireless base station has a transmitter/ receiver having receivebuffers that store thebiomedical data from each WMS, the wireless base station has a communi cation engine that retrieves the biostream from each WMS and transmits the plurality of biostreams to the server.

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The Trustees of Princeton University, Princeton , NJ (US); Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (IN ); Purdue Research Foundation, West Lafayette, IN (US)

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15 /425,440

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Prior publication dated August 10, 2017, Patent no. US 2017/0230360 A1