Method and System for Region Proposal based Object Recognition for Estimating Planogram Compliance


This disclosure relates generally to a system and method to identify various products on a plurality of images of various shelves of a retail store to facilitate compliance with respect to planograms. Planogram is a visual plan, which designates the placement of products on shelves and merchandising display fixtures of a retail store. Planograms are used to create consistency between store locations, to provide proper shelf space allocation, to improve visual merchandising appeal, and to create product-pairing suggestions. There are a few assumptions considering one instance per product class is available beforehand and the physical dimension of each product template is available in some suitable unit of length. In case of absence of physical dimension of the products, a context information of the retail store will be used. The context information is that the products of similar shapes or classes are arranged together in the shelves for consumers' convenience. CAl : 00 CIA I : 00 C)n un c0 0t -co _ t - t un 7; ct un~ St - S - / D 7= -L -~ -t -- - -t C.> ct: -n c 0c *- t *-

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