Analysis of Permutations for Routing in Multistage Interconnection Networks.

Date of Submission

December 1988

Date of Award

Winter 12-12-1989

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Indian Statistical Institute

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Master's Dissertation

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Master of Technology

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Computer Science


Advance Computing and Microelectronics Unit (ACMU-Kolkata)


Das, Nabanita (ACMU-Kolkata; ISI)

Abstract (Summary of the Work)

The isomor phism af conflict graphs in multistage interconnection networks CMIN) is analyzed here. We introduce concept a called group transformation which allows us to partition the set of all permutations into several equivalence classes. All members belonging to the class have isomorphic ame conflict graphs. Finally we describe twa algorithms, one for the generation of the seed permutation for any given input permutation and the second one to generate all poss ible seeds for a given N x N base-line network.


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