A Relational Image Database for Satellite Imagery.

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December 1996

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Winter 12-12-1997

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Indian Statistical Institute

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Master's Dissertation

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Master of Technology

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Computer Science


Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit (CVPR-Kolkata)


Parui, Swapan Kumar (CVPR-Kolkata; ISI)

Abstract (Summary of the Work)

One way of communication between men and machines is by means of images. Until recent times very little attention was paid to management of non-numeric information such as digital images, especially due to problems of storage. Recent advances in storage methodologies have made the handling of complex images efficient. Image information systems are needed as subsystems for advanced infor- mation systems in many application areas and as stand-alone systems depending on the practical application. The broad areas in which these are applied are:Fifth Generation computer systems: These are knowledge information systems that can overcome technical restrictions inherent in conventional computers. Ma- chine intellegence is vastly improved in these systems and they handle intellegent user interface functions like understanding speech, image, natural language and so on. For many of these an intellegent user interface capable of image communica- tion and image understanding is required.Office information systems:Ability to handle documents and forms is required for almost office information systems. The fields in these include signatures, pho- tographs, special symbols and so on, which are both text and graphic data often needing to be created, encoded, edited, stored, retrieved and transmitted. Since these are generally distributed systems designed around LANS, multimedia com- munication is emphasized in such systems.Computer Aided Design: CAD is an increasingly important image database ap- plication area. CAD/CAM database design is closely related to image database design.Image understanding systems:These systems use image darabase as a Subsytem. A combination of image understanding, knowledge base and image information handling in required to design such a sophisticated system.Computer integrated manufacturing: Image database is used as a subsystem for computer vision in Robotics and CAM. For instance, in the inspection of VLSI chips, thousands of mask patterns are required to be stored in a pattern database, which is an image database and faults are checked with respect to the reference patterns.Satellite imagery information system: Everyday new remotely sensed data ar- rive from satellites and produce a huge number of large images. Thus an image database system is of great importance in this field. Morever geographic informa- tion systems or cartographic information systems are very much in vogue.Medical information syetems : The concept of medical picture archiving and com- munication systems require design of sophisticated image information system with user interface and ability for image communication. Medical image information systems are of great use for automatic diagnosis of diseases and for training of pathologista.


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