A Study of Recent Results on Provably Secure Steganography.

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December 2004

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Winter 12-12-2005

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Indian Statistical Institute

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Master's Dissertation

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Master of Technology

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Computer Science


Applied Statistics Unit (ASU-Kolkata)


Maitra, Subhamoy (ASU-Kolkata; ISI)

Abstract (Summary of the Work)

Steganography is the science of hiding the very existence of secret message within innocuous looking message. Cyptography is about to concealing the content of the message, steganography is about to concealing their very existence. Thought, very little work has been attempted to formalize steganography, and most of the literature consists of heuristic approaches. A few papers have given information theoretic models for steganography, but these models are limited in the same way that infromation theoretic cryptography is limited. In CRYTPO-2002 Nicholas J. Hopper , John Langford and Luis von Ahn gave the first theoretical concepts of steganography from Complexity- theory. But there is a big gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of the steganography from Complexity-theoretic point of view. In our work we done comprehensive study of steganography from Complexity-theoretic point of view and based on those ideas we propose an algorithm which is practical and can be implemented efficiently. And our algorithm is secure in presence of passive adversary and more over robust to some bounded active adversary.


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