Simulation of Packet Switched Data Networks.

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December 1998

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Winter 12-12-1999

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Indian Statistical Institute

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Master's Dissertation

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Master of Technology

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Computer Science


Applied Statistics Unit (ASU-Kolkata)


Roy, Bimal Kumar (ASU-Kolkata; ISI)

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Often the processes in the real world are far too complicated to understand. In such cases it is good idea to strip the processes of some of their features, to leave us with the models of the original processes. If we can understand the model, then that may provide us with some insight into the process itself I® Hi Subjects such as physics, biology, chemistry and economics use models to formulate and solve their problems. Differential equations governing the laws of mechanics can be viewed as models. For a model to work, it need not be an exact description of the reality. The famous Gallilean formulation of relativity is a model, and an inaccurate one, as Einstein pointed out later . Yet, from guiding space probes to analysing air-crashes it is Gallilean relativity which is used Similarly the laws of economics are built upon some model of human behaviour (profit motive etc), though actual human behaviour may be far more complex than that When the model is given a mathematical formulation and an analytical solution is not possible, quite often simulation can prove to be an useful tool. However, there are situations when it may be difficult to formulate the model in terms of known mathematical constructs. In such cases simulation simulation remains the only way out.In this project two types of networks have been studied, The first one, the ALOHA net is a simple broadcast network that was once used for connecting many computer users to a central computer. The second is the ubiquitous Ethernet This logical successor of ALOHA was developed by Xerox PARC and is almost exclusively used for low cost local area networks.


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