An application of fuzzy optimisation methodology for simultaneous optimisation of continuous and categorical characteristics

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Research Article

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International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology


Many modern processes have to satisfy customer requirements on more than one output characteristics. The process engineers need to execute the process with an optimum setting which would simultaneously meet the requirements on multiple response variables. This can be achieved by using a simultaneous optimisation of multiple characteristics methodology. A lot of research has been carried out in the field of simultaneous optimisation of characteristics. Most of this research focuses on optimising multiple continuous characteristics only. This paper is a case study on the simultaneous optimisation of continuous and categorical characteristics. The sprint productivity and defect proneness of the agile software development process is simultaneously optimised using fuzzy optimisation approach. The optimum obtained by the suggested methodology is superior to the ones obtained by optimising the responses separately. Even though the case study is on optimising only two characteristics, the methodology can be generalised to optimise many characteristics simultaneously.

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