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Research Article

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Physical Review D


We have found the quasinormal mode (QNM) frequencies of a class of static spherically symmetric spacetimes having a smeared matter distribution, parametrized by Θ, an inherent length scale. Here, our main focus is on the QNMs for the odd parity perturbation in this background geometry. The results presented here for diffused mass distribution reveal significant changes in the QNM spectrum. This could be relevant for future generation (cosmological) observations, specifically to distinguish the signals of gravitational waves from a nonsingular source in contrast to a singular geometry. We also provide numerical estimates for the Θ-corrected QNM spectrum applicable to typical globular clusterlike spherical galaxies having a Gaussian spread in their mass distribution. We find that the Θ correction to the gravitational waves signal due to smeared distribution is accessible to present day observational precision.



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Open Access, Hybrid Gold, Green