On Rumour Propagation Among Sceptics

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Research Article

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Journal of Statistical Physics


Junior et al. (J Appl Probab 48:624–636, 2011) studied a model to understand the spread of a rumour. Their model consists of individuals situated at the integer points of the line N. An individual at the origin 0 starts a rumour and passes it to all individuals in the interval [0 , R] , where R is a non-negative random variable. An individual located at i in this interval receives the rumour and transmits it further among individuals in [i, i+ R i ] where R and R i are i.i.d. random variables. The rumour spreads in this manner. An alternate model considers individuals seeking to find the rumour from individuals who have already heard it. For this s/he asks individuals to the left of her/him and lying in an interval of a random size. We study these two models, when the individuals are more sceptical and they transmit or accept the rumour only if they receive it from at least two different sources. In stochastic geometry the equivalent of this rumour process is the study of coverage of the space N d by random sets. Our study here extends the study of coverage of space and considers the case when each vertex of N d is covered by at least two distinct random sets.

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