Strong bounds on sum of neutrino masses in a 12 parameter extended scenario with non-phantom dynamical dark energy (w(z) ≥ - 1)

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European Physical Journal C


We obtained constraints on a 12 parameter extended cosmological scenario including non-phantom dynamical dark energy (NPDDE) with CPL parametrization. We also include the six Λ CDM parameters, number of relativistic neutrino species (N eff ) and sum over active neutrino masses (∑ m ν ), tensor-to-scalar ratio (r 0.05 ), and running of the spectral index (n run ). We use CMB Data from Planck 2015; BAO Measurements from SDSS BOSS DR12, MGS, and 6dFS; SNe Ia Luminosity Distance measurements from the Pantheon Sample; CMB B-mode polarization data from BICEP2/Keck collaboration (BK14); Planck lensing data; and a prior on Hubble constant (73.24 ± 1.74 km/s/Mpc) from local measurements (HST). We have found strong bounds on the sum of the active neutrino masses. For instance, a strong bound of ∑ m ν < 0.123 eV (95% CL) comes from Planck+BK14+BAO. Although we are in such an extended parameter space, this bound is stronger than a bound of ∑ m ν < 0.158 eV (95% CL) obtained in Λ CDM + ∑ m ν with Planck+BAO. Varying A lens instead of r 0.05 however leads to weaker bounds on ∑ m ν . Inclusion of the HST leads to the standard value of N eff = 3.045 being discarded at more than 68% CL, which increases to 95% CL when we vary A lens instead of r 0.05 , implying a small preference for dark radiation, driven by the H tension.



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