Emergence of synchronization in multiplex networks of mobile Rössler oscillators

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Research Article

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Physical Review E


Different aspects of synchronization emerging in networks of coupled oscillators have been examined prominently in the last decades. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid on the emergence of this imperative collective phenomenon in networks displaying temporal changes in the connectivity patterns. However, there are numerous practical examples where interactions are present only at certain points of time owing to physical proximity. In this work, we concentrate on exploring the emergence of interlayer and intralayer synchronization states in a multiplex dynamical network comprising of layers having mobile nodes performing two-dimensional lattice random walk. We thoroughly illustrate the impacts of the network parameters, in particular, the vision range φ and the step size u together with the inter- and intralayer coupling strengths ϵ and k on these synchronous states arising in coupled Rössler systems. The presented numerical results are very well validated by analytically derived necessary conditions for the emergence and stability of the synchronous states. Furthermore, the robustness of the states of synchrony is studied under both structural and dynamical perturbations. We find interesting results on interlayer synchronization for a continuous removal of the interlayer links as well as for progressively created static nodes. We demonstrate that the mobility parameters responsible for intralayer movement of the nodes can retrieve interlayer synchrony under such structural perturbations. For further analysis of survivability of interlayer synchrony against dynamical perturbations, we proceed through the investigation of single-node basin stability, where again the intralayer mobility properties have noticeable impacts. We also discuss the scenarios related mainly to effects of the mobility parameters in cases of varying lattice size and percolation of the whole network.



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Open Access, Green