Near-bed turbulence structures in water-worked and screeded gravel-bed flows

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Research Article

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Physics of Fluids


Coherent structures and their impact on the near-bed time-averaged flow structure in a water-worked gravel-bed (WGB) and a screeded gravel-bed (SGB) are analyzed. Instantaneous velocities were measured using a particle image velocimetry system in the WGB and SGB flows in a flume with rectangular cross section. To ascertain the response of the WGB with respect to the SGB to the coherent structures, the time- and double-averaged flow, and the spatially averaged (SA) turbulence parameters, the experimental flow conditions for both the beds were kept identical. The surface gravels in the WGB were spatially organized owing to the water action. By contrast, the surface gravels in the SGB were randomly poised. These result in a higher roughness height in the WGB than in the SGB. Time series analysis for the instantaneous velocity and vorticity on a central vertical plane along the streamwise direction proves that the coherent structures in the near-bed flow zone are constituted by rapidly and slowly moving fluid streaks. Besides, the time-averaged streamwise velocity, vorticity, turbulence level, third-order correlations, and turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) budget are analyzed in the WGB and SGB. Their contours are plotted on the central vertical plane to study their spatial distributions. In addition, the SA higher-order correlations and TKE budget in the WGB and SGB are examined. A comparative study infers that the higher roughness in the WGB than in the SGB causes both the time-averaged and SA turbulence parameters in the former to be greater than those in the latter.



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