A regression spline control chart for monitoring characteristics exhibiting nonlinear profile over time

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Research Article

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TQM Journal


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the application of the control chart procedure to monitor the characteristics whose profile over time resembles a set of connected line segments. Design/methodology/approach: Fit a regression spline model by taking the subgroup average of the characteristic as response variable and time as the explanatory variable. Then monitor the response variable using the regression spline control chart with the fitted model as center line and upper and lower control limits at three standard deviation units of the response variable above and below the center line. Findings: The proposed chart is successfully deployed to monitor the daily response time profile of a client server of an application support process. The chart ensured the stability of the process as well as detected the assignable cause leading to the slowing down of the server performance. Practical implications: The methodology can be used to monitor any characteristics whose performance profile over time resembles a set of connected line segments. Some of the examples are the consumption profile of utility providers like power distribution companies, usage profiles of telecom networks, loading profile of airline check-in process, e-commerce websites, etc. Originality/value: To the best of the author’s knowledge, construction of control charts using regression spline is new. The usage of the control chart to monitor the performance characteristics which exhibits a nonlinear profile over time is also rare.

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