Distributed Adaptive Tracking Synchronization for Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Neural Network

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Research Article

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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems


This paper considers the tracking synchronization problem for a class of coupled reaction-diffusion neural networks (CRDNNs) with undirected topology. For the case where the tracking trajectory has identical individual dynamic as that of the network nodes, the edge-based and vertex-based adaptive strategies on coupling strengths as well as adaptive controllers, which demand merely the local neighbor information, are proposed to synchronize the CRDNNs to the tracking trajectory. To reduce the control costs, an adaptive pinning control technique is employed. For the case where the tracking trajectory has different individual dynamic from that of the network nodes, the vertex-based adaptive strategy is proposed to drive the synchronization error to a relatively small area, which is adjustable according to the parameters of the adaptive strategy. This kind of adaptive design can enhance the robustness of the network against the external disturbance posed on the tracking trajectory. The obtained theoretical results are verified by two representative examples.

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