Bound on ergotropic gap for bipartite separable states

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Research Article

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Physical Review A


The presence of correlations among constituent quantum systems has great relevance in thermodynamics. Significant efforts have been devoted to investigate the role of correlations in work extraction, among others. Here we derive a bound on the difference between global and local extractable work by unitary operations (ergotropic gap) for bipartite separable states. Violation of this bound necessarily certifies the presence of entanglement. This gap is shown to be a monotone under local operations and classical communication-assisted state transformations for pure bipartite quantum states. Further, we provide a thermo-majorization criterion that is sufficient to compare the single-shot work deficit between two pure bipartite entangled states. The ergotropic gap has an implication in witnessing the dimension of a bipartite quantum state with the same local dimensions. On the other hand, our result gives an operational meaning to the Nielsen-Kempe disorder criterion. We also propose a schematic model to visualize the separability bound and to detect entanglement for a restricted class of quantum states.



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Open Access, Green