Evaluation of missing data mechanisms in two and three dimensional incomplete tables

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Research Article

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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society


The analysis of incomplete contingency tables is a practical and an interesting problem. In this paper, we provide characterizations for the various missing mechanisms of a variable in terms of response and non-response odds for two and three dimensional incomplete tables. Log-linear parametrization and some distinctive properties of the missing data models for the above tables are discussed. All possible cases in which data on one, two or all variables may be missing are considered. We study the missingness of each variable in a model, which is more insightful for analyzing cross-classified data than the missingness of the outcome vector. For sensitivity analysis of the incomplete tables, we propose easily verifiable procedures to evaluate the missing at random (MAR), missing completely at random (MCAR)and not missing at random (NMAR)assumptions of the missing data models. These methods depend only on joint and marginal odds computed from fully and partially observed counts in the tables, respectively. Finally, some real-life datasets are analyzed to illustrate our results, which are confirmed based on simulation studies.

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Open Access, Green