A comprehensive survey on computer vision based approaches for automatic identification of products in retail store

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Research Article

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Image and Vision Computing


The ability to recognize a product on the shelf of a retail store is an ordinary human skill. The same recognition problem presents an exceptional challenge for machine vision systems. Automatic detection of products on the shelf of a retail store provides enhanced value-added consumer experience and commercial benefits to retailers. Compared to machine vision based object recognition system, automatic detection of retail products in a store setting has lesser number of successful attempts. In this paper, we present a survey of machine vision based retail product recognition system and define a new taxonomy for this field. We also describe the intrinsic challenges associated with the problem. In this comprehensive survey of published papers, we analyze features used in state-of-the-art attempts. The performances of these approaches are compared. The details of publicly available datasets are presented. The paper concludes pointing to possible directions of research in related fields.

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