Allowed and forbidden bipartite correlations from thermal states

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Research Article

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Physical Review E


The strong connection between correlations and quantum thermodynamics raises a natural question about the preparation of correlated quantum states from two copies of a thermal qubit. In this work we study the specific forms of allowed and forbidden bipartite correlations. As a consequence, we extend the result to separable but not absolutely separable class of product states. Preparation of a general form of entanglement from arbitrary thermal qubits is studied and, as an application, we propose a strategy to establish desired entanglement between two distant parties. The threshold temperature to produce entanglement from two copies of a thermal qubit has also been discussed from the resource theoretic perspective, which ensures that the bound on the temperature can be superseded with the help of a resource state. A dimension dependent upper bound on the temperature is derived, below which two copies of any d-dimensional thermal state can be entangled in 2×d dimensions.



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Open Access, Green