Controlled charge and spin current rectifications in a spin polarized device

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Research Article

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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Quasicrystals have been the subject of intense research in the discipline of condensed matter physics due to their non-trivial characteristic features. In the present work we put forward a new prescription to realize both charge and spin current rectifications considering a one-dimensional quasicrystal whose site energies and/or nearest-neighbor hopping (NNH) integrals are modulated in the form of well known Aubry-André or Harper (AAH) model, a classic example of an aperiodic system. Each site of the chain contains a finite magnetic moment which is responsible for spin separation, and, in presence of finite bias an electric field is generated along the chain which essentially makes the asymmetric band structures under forward and reverse biased conditions, yielding finite rectification. Rectification is observed in two forms: (i) positive and (ii) negative, depending on the sign of currents in two bias polarities. These two forms can only be observed in the case of spin current rectification, while charge current shows conventional rectification operation. Moreover, we discuss how rectification ratio and especially its direction can be controlled by AAH phase which is always beneficial for efficient designing of a device. Finally, we critically examine the role of dephasing on rectification operations. Our study gives a new platform to analyze current rectification at nano-scale level, and can be verified in different quasi-crystals along with quantum Hall systems.

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Open Access, Green