Interval type-2 fuzzy set and human vision based multi-scale geometric analysis for text-graphics segmentation

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Research Article

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Multimedia Tools and Applications


This paper presents a novel method for texture-based text-graphic segmentation in a text embedded image. In the method, features are computed applying Multi-scale Geometric Analysis(MGA). The MGA of the image is done by Nonsubsampled contourlet transform(NSCT). The NSCT sub-bands help to generate the features which represent textures of the text portions and graphics portions of the image. In a segmentation process, the uncertainties arise mainly for two reasons: one is the ambiguity in gray level and other is the spatial ambiguity. Here the uncertainties are managed by interval type2 fuzzy set (IT2FS). The human vision model called human psychovisual phenomenon (HVS) is incorporated in the process for generating the interval type-2 fuzzy membership functions (IT2FMF). The efficiency of the proposed scheme is measured on the benchmark dataset. The robustness and performance bound of the proposed technique under noise corruption are measured statistically using modified Cramer-Rao bound. We found that effectiveness of the features by NSCT in combination with the IT2FS are quite promising in comparison to the state-of-the-arts methods.

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