A coding theoretic approach to the uniqueness conjecture for projective planes of prime order

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Research Article

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Designs, Codes, and Cryptography


An outstanding folklore conjecture asserts that, for any prime p, up to isomorphism the projective plane PG(2 , Fp) over the field Fp: = Z/ pZ is the unique projective plane of order p. Let π be any projective plane of order p. For any partial linear space X, define the inclusion number i(X, π) to be the number of isomorphic copies of X in π. In this paper we prove that if X has at most log 2p lines, then i(X, π) can be written as an explicit rational linear combination (depending only on X and p) of the coefficients of the complete weight enumerator (c.w.e.) of the p-ary code of π. Thus, the c.w.e. of this code carries an enormous amount of structural information about π. In consequence, it is shown that if p> 2 9= 512 , and π has the same c.w.e. as PG(2 , Fp) , then π must be isomorphic to PG(2 , Fp). Thus, the uniqueness conjecture can be approached via a thorough study of the possible c.w.e. of the codes of putative projective planes of prime order.

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Open Access, Green