Semisupervised self-learning granular neural networks for remote sensing image classification

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Research Article

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Applied Soft Computing Journal


Accuracy of a pattern classification model mostly depends on ample number of training samples, which is the major bottleneck for classifying land cover of remote sensing images. Further, the unbalance scenario typically encountered in hyperspectral remote sensing images, i.e., limited number of training samples with more dimensions, makes the decision-making process cumbersome. Under such inevitable constraints, the article aims to develop an improved classification model using semisupervised self-learning granular neural networks (GNNs) for remote sensing images. The proposed semisupervised method has adopted a new strategy for selecting the potential candidate samples from the unlabeled dataset and used GNN as the base classifier. We have considered GNN because of its transparent architecture that leads to improved performance with less computational complexity compared to the conventional neural networks. Performance of the model is further enhanced with fuzzy granulation of features using class belonging information and selection of granulated features using neighborhood rough sets (NRS). The proposed model thus takes the mutual advantages of GNN architecture, fuzzy granulation with class belonging information, NRS-based feature selection and the most important, improved semisupervised self-learning approach. Performance of the model is compared with other similar methods and verified in terms of different performance measurement indexes, using two multispectral and two hyperspectral remote sensing images.



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