Multiple Pyramids Based Image Inpainting Using Local Patch Statistics and Steering Kernel Feature

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Research Article

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IEEE Transactions on Image Processing


In this paper, we propose a novel multiple pyramids based image inpainting method using local patch statistics and geometric feature-based sparse representation to maintain texture consistency and structure coherence. First, we approximate each patch in the target region (region to be inpainted) by statistically dominant local candidate patches to preserve local consistency. Then each approximated patch is refined by a sparse representation of candidate patches based on local steering kernel (LSK) feature to retain texture quality. We also propose a multiple pyramids based approach to generate several inpainted versions of the input image, one for each of the pyramids. Finally, we combine the inpainted images by gradient-based weighted average to produce the final inpainted image. This approach helps to maintain structure coherence and to remove artifacts which may appear in the inpainted images due to different initial scales of the individual pyramids. The proposed method is tested on a wide range of natural images for scratch and blob/object removal. We have presented both quantitative and qualitative comparison with the existing methods to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method.

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