A Wide Learning Approach for Interpretable Feature Recommendation for 1-D Sensor Data in IoT Analytics

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Research Article

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International Journal of Automation and Computing


This paper presents a state of the art machine learning-based approach for automation of a varied class of Internet of things (IoT) analytics problems targeted on 1-dimensional (1-D) sensor data. As feature recommendation is a major bottleneck for general IoT-based applications, this paper shows how this step can be successfully automated based on a Wide Learning architecture without sacrificing the decision-making accuracy, and thereby reducing the development time and the cost of hiring expensive resources for specific problems. Interpretation of meaningful features is another contribution of this research. Several data sets from different real-world applications are considered to realize the proof-of-concept. Results show that the interpretable feature recommendation techniques are quite effective for the problems at hand in terms of performance and drastic reduction in development time.

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