Thermoelectricity in graphene nanoribbons: Structural effects of nanopores

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Research Article

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Superlattices and Microstructures


The thermoelectric (TE) properties of graphene nanoribbon (GNR) with various regularly structured nanopores (NPs) are studied in detail. Describing the system within a tight-binding (TB) framework we compute all the TE quantities using the Landauer integrals. Results show a significant reduction in thermal conductance along with higher thermopower on the incorporation of most of the NPs, considered in this work, which enhances the TE performance. The different NP structures, such as the circle, rectangle, particular configuration of an isosceles triangle, etc., are found to have a higher figure of merit (FOM). A strategy is also proposed to enhance FOM by increasing the height of NPs across the junction. In light of the simplicity of our proposed models with such promising prospects, we strongly believe that NP-GNR system can be highly effective as an efficient TE device in the commercial market in the near future.



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