A comprehensive study on occurrence records of African neglected and underutilized weed species, Cleome gynandra L. (cat's whiskers) validating the ecogeographical range expansion in West Bengal, India

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Weed Biology and Management


Cleome gynandra L., commonly known as cat's whiskers, is an erect, branched, annual herb, belonging to the family Cleomaceae. The species is thought to have originated in tropical Africa and Southeast Asia, and thereafter have spread to other tropical and subtropical countries in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Cat's whiskers is a highly nutritious vegetable and also possesses numerous medicinal values, yet it is considered as a neglected and underutilized weed species (NUS) in most of the world. In India, C. gynandra is recorded in Assam, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. There is no earlier report of this species in West Bengal, India. This report is the first record of natural occurrence of C. gynandra in West Bengal, India. The main objective of this report is to provide valid information about the invasion and naturalization of this species in a new geographical area supported with suitable data. Global distribution data of cat's whiskers was retrieved from available web resources and mapped using Quantum GIS software in order to validate the de novo nature of occurrence of this species in this region.

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