Robust design of proportional integral controllers: A Taguchi-grey approach

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Research Article

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International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control


This paper aims to apply a statistical approach for a robust design to determine the optimum levels of proportional integral (PI) controllers by considering the noise parameters in the control engineering arena. Taguchi’s robust engineering methodology and grey relational analysis (GRA) methodology are utilised for multi-objective optimisation of the process parameters. Taguchi method is effectively applied to ensure the robustness of the controller designed under the set range of model parameter uncertainties, which cause undesirable variation in the PI controller’s performance. The ascertained optimal parameters from the Taguchi-Grey approach are subjected to simulation analysis to determine the settling time and performance indices. During the study, it is reconfirmed that statistical tools’ application assists in developing a robust controller design in a structured manner. Moreover, it is observed that the approach helps in multi-objective optimisation by accommodating both control and noise parameters in the control system design.

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