Controlled thermoelectric performance in a nanojunction: A theoretical approach

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Research Article

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Journal of Applied Physics


A proposal is given to get enhanced thermoelectric performance and its suitable tuning in a quantum wire coupled to a nanoring. The ring is subjected to an in-plane electric field, which is the key controlling parameter of our study. Exploiting the effect of asymmetry in transmission probability and emphasizing the fact that disorderness of the system helps to increase the asymmetric nature, here we suggest two easily adjustable tuning parameters: in-plane electric field and the coupling between the wire and the ring. In the presence of an electric field, the system behaves like an ordered-disordered separated one, which exhibits nontrivial signatures in thermoelectric effects. The wire-ring coupling also plays an important role in regulating the thermoelectric efficiency of the system. We critically investigate all the characteristic features using the Landauer prescription within a tight-binding framework based on Green's function formalism. We hope that the present analysis may provide some suitable hints for constructing efficient thermoelectric devices at the nanoscale level.



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