Invariance and stability conditions of interlayer synchronization manifold

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Research Article

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Physical Review E


We investigate interlayer synchronization in a stochastic multiplex hypernetwork which is defined by the two types of connections, one is the intralayer connection in each layer with hypernetwork structure and the other is the interlayer connection between the layers. Here all types of interactions within and between the layers are allowed to vary with a certain rewiring probability. We address the question about the invariance and stability of the interlayer synchronization state in this stochastic multiplex hypernetwork. For the invariance of interlayer synchronization manifold, the adjacency matrices corresponding to each tier in each layer should be equal and the interlayer connection should be either bidirectional or the interlayer coupling function should vanish after achieving the interlayer synchronization state. We analytically derive a necessary-sufficient condition for local stability of the interlayer synchronization state using master stability function approach and a sufficient condition for global stability by constructing a suitable Lyapunov function. Moreover, we analytically derive that intralayer synchronization is unattainable for this network architecture due to stochastic interlayer connections. Remarkably, our derived invariance and stability conditions (both local and global) are valid for any rewiring probabilities, whereas most of the previous stability conditions are only based on a fast switching approximation.



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