A new class of non-canonical conformal attractors for multi-field inflation

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Research Article

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Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics


We propose a new broad class of multi-field non-canonical inflationary models as an extension of multi-field conformal cosmological attractors. This also generalizes the recently discovered class of non-canonical conformal attractors for single field inflation. Kinetic terms of this class of models are phenomenologically arising from =1 supergravity and from =1 superconformal theory, with two conformal scalar compensator fields in the latter. We show that the inflationary dynamics and predictions of this class of models are stable with respect to the significant modification of both radial and angular part of the potential, but it is very sensitive to its minuscule modification in the geometry of the field space metric. We also show that our framework can pass the latest observational constraints set by Planck 2018.



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Open Access, Green