Isometric dilations and von Neumann inequality for finite rank commuting contractions

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Research Article

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Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques


Motivated by Ball, Li, Timotin and Trent's Schur-Agler class version of commutant lifting theorem, we introduce a class, denoted by Pn(H), of n-tuples of commuting contractions on a Hilbert space H. We always assume that n≥3. The importance of this class of n-tuples stems from the fact that the von Neumann inequality or the existence of isometric dilation does not hold in general for n-tuples, n≥3, of commuting contractions on Hilbert spaces (even in the level of finite dimensional Hilbert spaces). Under some rank-finiteness assumptions, we prove that tuples in Pn(H) always admit explicit isometric dilations and satisfy a refined von Neumann inequality in terms of algebraic varieties in the closure of the unit polydisc in Cn.



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Open Access, Green