A Novel Graph Topology-Based GO-Similarity Measure for Signature Detection from Multi-Omics Data and its Application to Other Problems

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Research Article

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IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


Large scale multi-omics data analysis and signature prediction have been a topic of interest in the last two decades. While various traditional clustering/correlation-based methods have been proposed, but the overall prediction is not always satisfactory. To solve these challenges, in this article, we propose a new approach by leveraging the Gene Ontology (GO)similarity combined with multiomics data. In this article, a new GO similarity measure, ModSchlickerModSchlicker, is proposed and the effectiveness of the proposed measure along with other standardized measures are reviewed while using various graph topology-based Information Content (IC)values of GO-term. The proposed measure is deployed to PPI prediction. Furthermore, by involving GO similarity, we propose a new framework for stronger disease-based gene signature detection from the multi-omics data. For the first objective, we predict interaction from various benchmark PPI datasets of Yeast and Human species. For the latter, the gene expression and methylation profiles are used to identify Differentially Expressed and Methylated (DEM)genes. Thereafter, the GO similarity score along with a statistical method are used to determine the potential gene signature. Interestingly, the proposed method produces a better performance (>> 0.9 avg. accuracy and >>0.95 AUC)as compared to the other existing related methods during the classification of the participating features (genes)of the signature. Moreover, the proposed method is highly useful in other prediction/classification problems for any kind of large scale omics data.

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