Block Search Stochastic Simulation Algorithm (BlSSSA): A Fast Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Modeling Large Biochemical Networks

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Research Article

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IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


Stochastic simulation algorithms are extensively used for exploring stochastic behavior of biochemical pathways/networks. Computational cost of these algorithms is high in simulating real biochemical systems due to their large size, complex structure and stiffness. In order to reduce the computational cost, several algorithms have been developed. It is observed that these algorithms are basically fast in simulating weakly coupled networks. In case of strongly coupled networks, they become slow as their computational cost become high in maintaining complex data structures. Here, we develop Block Search Stochastic Simulation Algorithm (BlSSSA). BlSSSA is not only fast in simulating weakly coupled networks but also fast in simulating strongly coupled and stiff networks. We compare its performance with other existing algorithms using two hypothetical networks, viz., linear chain and colloidal aggregation network, and three real biochemical networks, viz., B cell receptor signaling network, FceRI signaling network and a stiff 1,3-Butadiene Oxidation network. It has been shown that BlSSSA is faster than other algorithms considered in this study.

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