Algorithm metadata vocabulary: A representational model and metadata vocabulary for describing and maintaining algorithms

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Research Article

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Journal of Information Science


Metadata vocabularies are used in various domains of study. It provides an in-depth description of the resources. In this work, we develop algorithm metadata vocabulary (AMV), a vocabulary for capturing and storing the metadata about the algorithms (a procedure or a set of rules that is followed step-by-step to solve a problem, especially by a computer). The snag faced by the researchers in the current time is the failure of getting relevant results when searching for algorithms in any search engine. The designed vocabulary can be used by the algorithm repository developers, managers, and application developers. Besides, AMV is represented as a semantic model and produced OWL file, and it can be directly used by anyone interested to create and publish algorithm metadata as a knowledge graph, or to provide metadata service through the SPARQL endpoint. To design the vocabulary, we propose a well-defined methodology, which considers factual issues faced by the algorithm users and the practitioners. The evaluation shows promising results.



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