Models for Narrative Information: A Study

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From the literature study, it was observed that there are significantly fewer studies that review ontology-based narrative models. This motivates the current work. A parametric approach was adopted to report the existing ontology-driven models for narrative information. The work considers the narrative and ontology components as parameters. This study hopes to encompass the relevant literature and ontology models together. The work adopts a systematic literature review methodology for an extensive literature selection. The models were selected from the literature using a stratified random sampling technique. The findings illustrate an overview of the narrative models across domains. The study identifies the differences and similarities of knowledge representation in ontology-based narrative information models. This paper will explore the basic concepts and top-level concepts in the models. Besides, this study provides a study of the narrative theories in the context of ongoing research. It also identifies the state-of-the-art literature for ontology-based narrative information.

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