Estimation of True Scores, True score variance, Reliability and tests of parallelism

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Research Article

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Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods


Under classical test theory the paper presents a method to find test reliability (rtt) as per theoretical definition from a single administration of the test, involving dichotomization of a test in parallel halves. The method helps to find point and interval estimations of test reliability, individual true score, true score variance, error variance and testing Ho: rtt = 1 Dichotomization of a test in parallel halves requires simultaneous testing of equality of mean, variance and correlation for two parallel sub-tests (Xg and Xh) which can be done by testing (i) equality of regression line of observed score X on Xg and X on Xh (ii) equality of correlations between X and Xg and X and Xh, (iii) Normality of (Xg − Xh) or (iv) or (iv) Cosine similarity (without assuming normal distribution of Xg and Xh). Reporting of theoretically defined reliability along with SD of true score/error score is recommended for a test.



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