Generation of circular spin current in an AB magnetic ring with vanishing net magnetization: A new prescription

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Research Article

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


In this work we report for the first time the appearance of non-decaying circular spin current in a magnetic ring with vanishing net magnetization, even in absence of any spin chirality. Breaking the symmetry in hopping integrals we can misalign up and down spin electronic energy levels which yields a net spin current in the magnetic quantum ring, threaded by an Aharonov-Bohm flux. Along with spin current, a net charge current also appears, and we compute both these currents using the second quantized approach. A tight-binding framework is employed to describe the magnetic ring where each site of the ring contains a finite magnetic moment. Itinerant electrons get scattered from the localized magnetic moments at different lattice sites, and the moments are arranged in such a way that the net magnetization vanishes. The interplay between magnetic moments and asymmetric hopping integrals leads to several atypical features in energy spectra, especially the existence of vanishing current carrying energy eigenstates together with the current carrying ones. The formation of such states those do not contribute any current is the artifact of different kinds of on-site energies and/or hopping integrals in different segments of the magnetic ring. The atypical signatures of energy levels are directly reflected into the charge and spin currents, and here we critically investigate the behaviors of circular currents as functions of electron filling, hopping integrals, strength of spin-moment interaction and ring size. Finally, we discuss briefly the possible experimental realization to implement our proposed magnetic system. The present analysis may provide a new route of generating persistent spin current in magnetic quantum rings with vanishing net magnetization, circumventing the use of spin-orbit coupled systems.



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