Enhancing the tensile strength of SiC reinforced aluminium- based functionally graded structure through the mixture design approach

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Research Article

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International Journal of Structural Integrity


Purpose: This article aims to study the tensile properties of a functionally graded composite structure with Al–18wt%Si alloy as the matrix material and silicon carbide (SiC) particles as the reinforcing element. More specifically, the study's primary objective is to optimize the composition of the material elements using a robust statistical approach. Design/methodology/approach: In this research, the composite material is fabricated using a combination of stir casting and the centrifugal casting technique. Moreover, the test specimen required to study the tensile strength are prepared according to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. Eventually, optimal composition to maximize the tensile property of the material is determined using the mixture design approach. Findings: The investigation results imply that the addition of the SiC plays a crucial role in increasing the tensile strength of the composite. The optical microstructural images of the composite show the adequate distribution of the reinforcing particles with the matrix. The proposed regression model shows better predictability of tensile strength. In addition, the methodology aids in optimizing the mixture component values to maximize the tensile strength of the produced functionally graded composite structure. Originality/value: Little work has been reported so far where a hypereutectic Al–Si alloy is considered the matrix material to produce the composite structure. The article attempts to make a composite structure by using a combination of stir casting and centrifugal casting. Furthermore, it employs the mixture design to optimize the composition and predict the model of the study, which is one of a kind in the field of material science.

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