Online remedies – risks and realities

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Current Science


The seeds for disruptive technology which potentially OR pervade and control lives and livelihood were sown several OR decades ago. Initially they sprouted only here and there, OR catering more to geeks and the giant enterprises they toiled OR for. The internet and e-mails worked well for the tech OR savvy, and then the mobile revolution energized a tectonic OR shift towards a virtual world embraced even by the hoi poloi. OR Onset of the COVID-19 pandemic probably drove the final OR nail in the coffin of what one now calls ‘offline mode’. OR How funny that something ‘regular and natural’ is replaced OR by ‘offline’, illustrating tech-driven linguistic revolution. OR Here, I briefly comment on two areas ‒ the online avatar OR of formal education and the work environment, profoundly OR influencing and altering our everyday life, even thinking.

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