Multi-objective modelling and optimization of Al–Si–SiC composite material: a multi-disciplinary approach

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Research Article

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Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Modeling, Experiments and Design


The article aims to produce a new class of composite material having a high strength-to-weight ratio using Al–Si alloy and SiC particles. Explicitly, the key objective of this study is associated with multi-objective modelling and optimization of a novel composite material for automobile sectors. The study is based on a structured multi-disciplinary approach by involving the principles and techniques of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, and inferential statistics. More specifically, the mixture design technique from the design of experiment toolbox is employed to ensure multi-objective optimization of the mixture components, namely, Al–Si alloy and SiC particles. The composite material is prepared using the stir casting technique with varying weight percentages of the reinforcing particles. The mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile strength, density, and impact strength of the novel composite material are studied and considered for modelling and optimization. The study assisted in developing an optimal combination of component mixtures and a predictive model to produce a composite material having higher strength through structured engineering and robust statistical methodology. The researchers can follow the modelling and optimization approach adopted in the article as a template for robust composite material development.

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