Benchmarking Optimization-Based Energy Disaggregation Algorithms

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Energy disaggregation (ED), with minimal infrastructure, can create energy awareness and thus promote energy efficiency by providing appliance-level consumption information. However, ED is highly ill-posed and gets complicated with increase in number and type of devices, similarity between devices, measurement errors, etc. To design, test, and benchmark ED algorithms, the availability of open-access energy consumption datasets is crucial. Most datasets in the literature suit data-intensive pattern-based ED algorithms. Recently, optimization-based ED algorithms that only require information regarding the operational states of the devices are being developed. However, the lack of standard datasets and appropriate evaluation metrics is hindering the development of reproducible state-of-the-art optimization-based ED algorithms. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a dataset with multiple instances that are representative of the different challenges posed by ED in practice. Performance indicators to empirically evaluate different optimization-based ED algorithms are summarized. In addition, baseline simulation results of the state-of-the-art optimization-based ED algorithms are presented. The developed dataset, summarization of different metrics, and baseline results are expected to provide a platform for researchers to develop novel optimization-based frameworks, in general, and evolutionary computation-based frameworks in particular to solve ED.



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