Intralayer and interlayer synchronization in multiplex network with higher-order interactions

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Recent developments in complex systems have witnessed that many real-world scenarios, successfully represented as networks, are not always restricted to binary interactions but often include higher-order interactions among the nodes. These beyond pairwise interactions are preferably modeled by hypergraphs, where hyperedges represent higher-order interactions between a set of nodes. In this work, we consider a multiplex network where the intralayer connections are represented by hypergraphs, called the multiplex hypergraph. The hypergraph is constructed by mapping the maximal cliques of a scale-free network to hyperedges of suitable sizes. We investigate the intralayer and interlayer synchronizations of such multiplex structures. Our study unveils that the intralayer synchronization appreciably enhances when a higher-order structure is taken into consideration in spite of only pairwise connections. We derive the necessary condition for stable synchronization states by the master stability function approach, which perfectly agrees with the numerical results. We also explore the robustness of interlayer synchronization and find that for the multiplex structures with many-body interaction, the interlayer synchronization is more persistent than the multiplex networks with solely pairwise interaction.



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Open Access, Green

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